• Nothing makes a man feel more like a man than a man cooking over a fire. Nothing is more natural, more elemental, and more true to our primitive self. Brings us back to our good ole caveman days. But, for those of us that are fans of the benefits of evolution, we want a softer touch. At 9Label, we are not ashamed...
  • We all need water to survive. Rumor has it that without water for 3 days, the human body shuts down (luckily, no one we know has been able to confirm that for us). And without water, it looks like our garden in a bag lasted a little more than a week (it wasn't intentional).
  • Our society has a fascination with seeing how things work. We tend to put windows on everything. From washers and dryers so we can see our cloths being cleaned and then dried, to even vacuum cleaners so we can watch as dust and dirt get sucked into our Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  • The Swiss Army Knife has been around in one shape or another for over the last 100 years. Invented in 1891 by Karl Elsener, it is still widely used today as a convenient tool to carry around with you to tighten screws, cut wires, and some would say most importantly, open a bottle of wine with the included corkscrew that some of the models have.
  • A bottle of wine is good for a lot of things. Red wine, in moderation, is said to be beneficial to the heart. A decent bottle of wine is known to make a good housewarming present. And a couple bottles of wine has proven to help many a man on his first date with a woman.
    • By: Jack on April 14, 2011   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      There's something about the perfectly cooked steak that can make an impact on one's tastebuds. And when grilling these steaks to perfection for you and your guests, you're probably also busy with setting the table, taking drink orders, and, of course, cooking up the sides to go with those perfect steaks. With so much to juggle, there needs to be a simple way to still prepare each of your steaks for the different preferences of you and your guests without having to hover over the grill to make sure your medium-rare doesn't turn into a well-done. Sur la table has just the tool for you - the steak button. A simple thermometer which ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Matt on January 27, 2011   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      With January comes new resolutions, lots of football, and if you live in the Midwest, tons of snow. And some of us who are fortunate enough to live in a major city, are also unfortunate enough not to have a garage or a covered parking spot for our mode of transportation - which leaves us scrapping snow off our cars every morning during these winter months... a tedious morning ritual before heading off to work. We often wonder why the ice scraper/brush we, and many others use and rely on, hasn't been improved upon in what seems like decades. Looks like someone heard our ice scraper concerns (we wonder who was listening), and put ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on January 24, 2011   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Whether you enjoy hitting the slopes every now and again, are a double black diamond regular, or have never put on a pair of skis in your life, we think you'll appreciate the Ski Wine Rack as much as we do. With obvious inspiration from a pair of skis and gradual sloping lines, It doesn't take an expert skier to appreciate the modern style and clean look of the Ski Wine Rack. Sure, you could probably glue a couple of your old skis together, but for those not as handy (and not wanting to make a mess at a half-ass attempt at re-creating this wine rack) we recommend you invest in this creative creation from West ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Shaun on January 17, 2011   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      If you know your way around the kitchen, and we mean more than just microwaving a random box from the freezer, there are certain tools you're going to need for certain culinary creations. One such tool, that we've needed more than just a couple times, is something to crush/grind spices and herbs with. The Cast Iron Herb and Spice Grater is just that tool, and can grind herbs and spices by simply twisting the top and bottom. Plus, the corked top can hold the herbs and/or spices until you're ready to grind. You can get your Cast Iron Herb and Spice Grater at ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Scott on January 7, 2011   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Sometimes a cordless vacuum is all you need for small areas and quick clean-ups. But instead of buying a cheap cordless vacuum cleaner that ends up clogging after a couple minutes of use and having to be replaced after only a couple uses, isn't it better to invest in a longer-lasting vacuum cleaner that also doesn't clog? The Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is that cordless vacuum cleaner, built with the same Root Cyclone technology which never loses suction, all within a slim and easy-to-carry/push body. And with the special Dyson digital motor, you can expect 3 times as much power resulting in the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner to ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Mark on December 28, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      With 2011 looming around the corner, it's time that you decide on what your New Year's resolutions are going to be before January 1st jumps out at you. But instead of just one or a few resolutions this time around, what about coming up with 500... or better yet, learn about 500 things that you should know before 2012 rolls around. Don't worry, you don't have to come up with this list yourself, we've already got a book for you that not only already has 500 things that you should know, but step-by-step instructions on the "how" for you to learn. The Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know Instructions for Life From the Everyday to ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Jack on December 22, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Sometimes cold is better than hot. Ice cream, drinking water, potato salad... and believe it or not, sometimes even coffee. For those that have the time, and prefer a smoother, more mellow brew of java, the classic cold-drip method is usually the best, producing a full-flavored coffee concentrate that when mixed with hot water creates your final drinkable concoction. And that's what you get with the Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper. This classic cold-drip brewing system slowly drips cold water through ground coffee beans, preserving specific flavor compounds while eliminating the bitter oils and acids that normally ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on December 17, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We hope that your mama raised you right, and told you to always be a perfect gentleman. Never talk with your mouth full, hold open doors for ladies, and help the elderly across the street whenever they need a helping hand. One other thing that your mom might or might not have mentioned is that a perfect gentleman is ready for nearly every situation... and is why we suggest every gentleman to carry around a Shun Large Higo Nokami Gentleman's Knife. The Shun Large Higo Nokami Gentleman's Knife is often referred to as Japan's first pocket knife as it dates back over 150 years and was first used by Japanese businessmen ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on December 16, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We all know that the test of a really good chef is their ability to toss things up in the air and catch it with their pans - whether its flipping pancakes, flipping an over easy/hard egg, or flipping the meat and veggies in a stir fry. But let's be honest, only the truly talented can flip all the meat and veggies in a wok, successfully, without having some random pieces of bok choy end up on the counter or on the floor. That is, until now. Welcome to the big leagues, Chef 9Label Reader. The ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Mark on December 15, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      You're a man. You know how to piss standing up. You can chug a pint of beer quickly. And, probably most importantly, you can fix most of the little odds and ends around your house that require a screwdriver, hammer, or whatever tools you have in your toolbox (and if you don't have a toolbox, we're extremely disappointed, and want you to stop reading until after you run out to Home Depot and get yourself a fully stocked toolbox). But something is probably still missing in that handy box of tools. Something we didn't know we were missing until we heard of Sugru. Sugru is a silicone rubber that comes in little plastic pouches. When ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on December 14, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Face it - we all love to play our games. And with a myriad of options (XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, iPhone, iPad, Computer, Web-based flash games, Google Chrome, Nintendo DS... OK we'll stop there) you're probably not struggling too hard to find something to do, game-wise, in your spare time. But in the ever-expanding world of gaming, there is something to be said about the classics, something that you can enjoy with a few of your closest friends on those nights where you don't wanna be shooting Patron at 2AM (which we know are few and far between). So put down that iPhone for a moment, turn off your Nintendo Wii, grab a bottle of wine, invite over a lady-friend you wanna impress ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on December 9, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      It's amazing what a little mold can do. Makes for good antibiotics (Penicillin is derived from mold for those that are not chemistry majors) and also makes for a good deterrent from otherwise edible food. So besides making some homemade Penicillin for the next sore throat you have (probably not the best of ideas), we rather utilize mold for its unsavory appeal... that is, in protecting your perfectly good sandwiches from the grubby hands of your co-workers. We've seen it time and time again (luckily not at the 9Label HQ), when you put a perfectly good ham and cheese, PB&J, turkey and swiss, BLT, or roast beef and provolone sandwich ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Mark on December 8, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We know that it's a hard knock life out there. On a daily basis you face a myriad of obstacles when trying to get from point A to point B. Whether it's the elements like rain or snow that are slowing you down, or more man-made issues like detours, traffic jams, fender-benders, and breakdowns that are getting in your way, we figure that if you're having a tough go at it, your gadgets are having an absolute nightmare being dropped, thrown, and dragged as they come along for the ride. We figure that's why LaCie came up with the LaCie Tank. The LaCie Tank is a storage case that will protect small gadgets, such as a ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Shaun on December 7, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We understand that you're going through your sake phase right now... shaving with sake infused shaving creme, visiting Joyofsake.com on a daily basis, going to Benihana at least once a week, and saving up that paper for another trip to Tokyo. So since you're all about all thinks sake, it's time that you get properly equipped for that home-time sake consumption. The Sake Bomb is a ceramic container shaped like an actual mine/bomb that can hold up to 8 fluid ounces of hot (it's microwaveable) or cold ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on December 3, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      It seems that when you put your mind to it, you can make even the most basic and ordinary into a work of art. That's what Joey Roth was able to do with something as classic and conventional as the teapot. The Sorapot is not your mother's teapot. Made of stainless steel, borosilicate glass (fancy word for what you probably know as Pyrex), and food-grade silicone, this modern teapot (or should we say future?) is available in a brushed or mirror polished finish. Great for tea, but probably also great for any other hot or cold drink you wanna serve up as well (we wonder if anyone has tried putting some jungle juice in here), we feel ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Shaun on December 2, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Let's be honest, size matters. We're not going to list all of the different times that it does, since we're sure you can think of a few on your own. But we are going to mention a time that's pretty important to us: when small ice cubes ruin a perfectly good beverage (ahem, Scotch on the rocks). Yes, a bigger ice cube is just plain better. Not only does the ice melt slower (you know how when you have a whole pile of snow on the sidewalk and it takes longer to melt than just a palm sized snowball - you Midwesterns should know what we're talking about), but having a giant cube of ice, nay, a king-sized cube of ice, in your glass of Scotch, just looks cooler. And if you're up to the ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Mark on November 23, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      After an impressive debut as Iron Man's water bottle, the company behind the Kor One Hydration Vessel (fancy words for water bottle) decided it was time to go back to the drawing board and see if they can make a new and improved version of its stylish bottle. After listening to extensive customer feedback, they incorporated a number of updates to the original, and have released the new Kor Delta. With a new ergonomic handle (makes the shape of ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on November 16, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      If we've learned anything from CSI: Vegas, Miami, and New York, it's that you shouldn't leave your DNA just hanging around, especially if you're up to no good (and we've also learned how easy it is to make more money from the same show just by placing it in a different city, but we digress). DNA is, after all, your unique genetic fingerprint - it's what makes you, well, you... and there's definitely a lot that can be done with it... especially as humankind continues to make astounding scientific breakthroughs. Besides convicting or clearing you of a crime, DNA can be used to identify what diseases you are genetically predisposed to, ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Will on November 12, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We're not normally ones to write about computer cases, as we'd much rather discuss mini volcanoes and moonshine, but we had to bend these unofficial rules for an iPad case that did more than just hold your iPad in its gentle and caring embrace. The Incase Origami Sleeve holds true to its name when it's not being used as a protective sleeve for your iPad. With a couple folds this nylon slip sleeve turns into a horizontal or vertical iPad stand, ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Shaun on November 9, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      You've probably heard the expression "In Vino Veritas" more than a few times. And, you probably know through your basic understanding of Latin, as well as through hardened life experiences (boozing with friends), that it translates to "In Wine There Is Truth" - after all, how many times have you spoke your mind (for better or for worse) after having a couple glasses/bottles of wine. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us, although we will say that the members of The 9 have somewhat super-human tolerances (our hardened life experiences include Patron, Jameson, etc.) when compared to the average human. So whether you're trying to get to your ... ( keep reading )