• Nothing makes a man feel more like a man than a man cooking over a fire. Nothing is more natural, more elemental, and more true to our primitive self. Brings us back to our good ole caveman days. But, for those of us that are fans of the benefits of evolution, we want a softer touch. At 9Label, we are not ashamed...
  • We all need water to survive. Rumor has it that without water for 3 days, the human body shuts down (luckily, no one we know has been able to confirm that for us). And without water, it looks like our garden in a bag lasted a little more than a week (it wasn't intentional).
  • Our society has a fascination with seeing how things work. We tend to put windows on everything. From washers and dryers so we can see our cloths being cleaned and then dried, to even vacuum cleaners so we can watch as dust and dirt get sucked into our Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  • The Swiss Army Knife has been around in one shape or another for over the last 100 years. Invented in 1891 by Karl Elsener, it is still widely used today as a convenient tool to carry around with you to tighten screws, cut wires, and some would say most importantly, open a bottle of wine with the included corkscrew that some of the models have.
  • A bottle of wine is good for a lot of things. Red wine, in moderation, is said to be beneficial to the heart. A decent bottle of wine is known to make a good housewarming present. And a couple bottles of wine has proven to help many a man on his first date with a woman.
    • By: Will on November 6, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      You know that empty wall that you have behind the couch... the plain white wall that is just screaming at you to put something up. Well, this may not be what you put up there (for that space you might think about putting up a Stendig Calendar which is both stylish as well as functional), but what we have for you today is something interesting and unique enough that you may think about throwing it up on the wall in your office or even your bedroom... especially if you're a fan of heroes of the super variety. These Picasso Superhero Prints ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on November 3, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Unless you're Dr. Evil, you probably aren't fortunate enough to have a secret lair built into a hollowed-out volcano. We assume that being "evil" comes with certain perks, the volcano being one of them, but we're not willing to hold the world random or put laser beams on sharks just to have our little corner inside a volcano, especially since we discovered a decent #2 option ("Who does #2 work for???"). The Lava Cube Of Fire is an approximately 6.5-inch cube of raw Icelandic Lava that sits on a close to 8-inch square wooden base. A protective symbol on the cube, made of black fiber, is supposed to provide balance and energy to the ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Jack on November 2, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      If it's been a while since you cleaned your house, it may be about time that you break out some of those cleaning supplies and get to work... especially since you never know when you might have your next sleepover guest (and by that we mean lady friend who you might meet in the near future at your local watering hole... possibly this weekend). But if you're not fully equipped with a closet full of the latest and greatest cleaning liquids and supplies, there's at least 1 thing that every guy should have... some sort of multi-surface cleaner that you can spray and wipe on practically any surface around the house. So instead of picking up the usual Fantastik, Pledge, or 409, try something ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on October 28, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      It's not all to often that a trash can is worthy of getting a write-up on 9Label, or any site for that matter, but when we came across a trash can that "sensed" when it was about to be used, and opened up, ready to swallow whatever banana peel or used coffee filter that was going to be thrown its way, we sat up and took notice. Sure, there have been other motion-sensor based trash cans before, even by the same manufacturer (Simplehuman) of the trash can we are talking about right now, but there's something that this can got right where others before it have failed - the multi-sense technology. Let us explain... The ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on October 27, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      A lot of us need our morning cup of coffee before we can really start the day. And even though we have learned to make that perfect cup of coffee every morning, some mornings it feels like it's a little too much work (especially after a night of "entertaining clients"), and other days you just want something different to serve as your pick-me-up (but not a 5 Hour Energy... you want something similar to your usual morning Joe). Nescafe must have been eavesdropping into our inner thoughts since they have been offering single serving coffee capsules that pop into a single serving coffee maker, that not only punches out a ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Matt on October 7, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      There's something about having cold hands that can simply ruin a day. You might be at a football game (or rather, possibly hanging in the parking lot of a football stadium since you didn't make it past the tailgating) cheering your team on to victory when your hands start screaming out for warmth, and the best you can do is rub them together and breathe warm air over them for a short burst of temporary relief. Fire is an obvious way to keep your hands warm, but holding your hand over a lighter is not really the best idea, especially since you're probably more than a 6-pack into your tailgating session, and footballs flying around ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on October 4, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      For those that like the feeling of waking up in the great outdoors, you probably are already well aware that when it comes to finding a light source for your campground there are a ton of options. From kerosene lamps to flashlights, just walk down the camping aisle of your local department store and you'll have over 20 different ways to find your way in the dark... and it's not too uncommon to find the lamp/light combined with something else... a radio, emergency light, etc. So when we came across the LightCap we weren't surprised by its dual purpose offering (a lamp as well as a water bottle) but more in the actual usefulness of ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Shaun on October 1, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Let's be honest, after you open a bottle of wine, it's very hard to stop after just 1 glass... after all, even with a wine stopper, a bottle of wine will only last for about 3 days if you're lucky (makes for a good excuse to just go ahead and keep drinking). So since you're going to finish that bottle of wine anyway, better that you get the best you can get right away, rather than wait for the full-bodied wine to "breath". So instead of aerating one glass of wine at a time you can aerate an entire bottle of wine at one ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Scott on September 30, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Whether you enjoy gazing skyward and trying to spot Orion, or if your attention is more focused on terrestrial objects in the adjacent building (and not in a pervy way), if you live in a high-rise apartment, there is one thing that every man should have just to, well, have... a telescope. Somehow a telescope completes nearly every manly abode, giving it class and style while simultaneously communicating complex character and your "dare to dream" attitude to guests (ahem, women guests). So make sure when you do your telescope shopping, that you wander over to Gessato.com and pick up the Galileo's Telescope by Odoardo Fioravanti. ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Jack on September 27, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      There's something about finding your inner zen that can help alleviate the pressures and stress that comes with everyday life. To accomplish this goal, you could meditate for hours every day. You could get a large zen garden in your backyard and rake the sand whenever you can find time. Or, the option that we prefer, you can balance some rocks while you're at the kitchen table... especially when those rocks were just being used for salting your corn or peppering your potatoes. The Balance Salt And Pepper Set is a porcelain set of 2 shakers and a base, made to resemble rocks, that compliments any dining table. A smooth white salt shaker, a rougher surface grey pepper shaker, and a white ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on September 23, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We, as men, know that for every job, there's a right tool that goes with it. Wire cutters for cutting wires, A rubber mallet for hammering wooden pegs, and a phillips head screwdriver for, well, screwing phillips head screws. So when you're slicing limes for your coronas, oranges for your blue moons, or lemons for your straight up martinis, you better not abandon your better judgment, and you better use the right tool for the job - otherwise we might revoke your man-card. To that end, we found the perfect tool for slicing and dicing the fruits that serve as many a cocktail's best friend - the Fred & Friends Citrusaw. What's ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on September 22, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      If you're a Man vs. Wild fan, you probably know that Bear Grylls shows us regular humans how to survive in the most extreme conditions with only a canteen full of water, a knife, and a flint. From stomach turning stunts like eating raw zebra meat that was leftover from (presumably) a lion's lunch, to vomit-inducing acts like drinking water (if you can call it that) by squeezing the liquid out of elephant dung into his mouth, Bear has certainly impressed (and grossed out) the guys over here at 9Label, regardless if the rumors that he checks into a hotel between filming scenes are true. So in an effort to be as "Bear" as we can during our adventures in the great outdoors (and going ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Shaun on September 21, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Everything has an expiration date. Some things expire in a matter of days (if even that), like raw fish. Other things lasts for months, like certain condiments (according to Stilltasty.com, an opened refrigerated bottle of ketchup should last you about 6 months), and other things, like Twinkies, seem like they can be safely consumed till the end of time. But a nice bottle of red only has about 3 days before it becomes undrinkable... so the next time you go down to your wine cellar (or kitchen counter where your wine rack is) and have a few open bottles of wine and don't ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Shaun on September 17, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We love bar games, but we love traditional English pub games even more - then again who doesn't love playing some games while downing a pint and eating some bangers and mash (which is a traditional English dish made from mashed potatoes and sausages which you should know). Complete with dominoes, dice, poker dice, cards and all of the pieces for Nine Mens Morris, Cribbage, Draughts, Rummy and more (with instructions), this pub in the box is sure to entertain, but we guarantee it will be much more entertaining after 6 (or more) pints of Guinness. You can get your ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Gabe on September 14, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Working out is important for a few reasons. The two most important that come to mind is not only does it keep you healthy (of course you'll need to eat healthy too, but that's a given), but it also keeps you fit and looking good - which is definitely important when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, which some would even argue is the only reason to work out. And with so many options to work out, biking on a stationary bike is both effective and convenient, especially since you can plop one in front of a TV in your house and just ride while watching Lost re-runs (we know you want to)... the pounds just melting ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on September 13, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We like to exercise our minds as much as we like to exercise our bodies (and livers), so playing chess everyone once in a while when we're not playing some sort of drinking game is just par for the course for those that abide by the 9Label lifestyle. To that end, you're going to need a chess set to indulge in the mental gymnastics involved in a game of chess since that old checkers set in your closest probably won't do the trick. And it would definitely help to find someone to play against, preferable someone who is familiar with the game of chess, but we're going to leave that search up to you. As far as the chess ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on September 10, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Why are certain things, when put on a slant, so cool? We're not sure, but for some reason certain things just look better when they're slightly tilted. When we saw the Tilt Knife Block on the web, we knew we had an instant kitchen winner (did someone say chicken dinner?) and knew it was a must have for that 9Label kitchen. Made from one solid chunk of Walnut with a Canadian Maple inlay (a little piece of Canada for all you Canucks out there) and finished with beeswax and orange oil, this block can hold 6 of your best steak knives in style - of course we mean tilted. You can get your Tilt ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Scott on September 9, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We like drinking clean water as much as the next guy (of course the fact that we need it to sustain our lives gives it some importance too), and with all the options out there we're pretty sure we can get our hands on some contamination-free water. Most of the over-the-counter options for tap water involve some sort of filter, usually involving charcoal, that the water passes through before drinking. But it seems as if an additional step, utilizing UV clean technology (which looks like a UV light), can eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and microbial cysts... makes us wonder what we're drinking when we don't use this UV clean ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Pete on September 7, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      Yesterday was Labor Day. And for those of you that don't know what that means, summer is over since Labor Day represents the unofficial end of summer. So wipe away those tears and act like a man... embrace the inevitable change of season (especially if you live in the Midwest or Northeast), and find something to do when the cold weather prevents you from venturing too far away from the comfort of your living room couch and Snuggie... like read a book And for those of you who haven't picked up a book in years, maybe it's time to re-discover the written word, or at least take some baby steps in the right direction with Postertext. ... ( keep reading )
    • By: Shaun on August 26, 2010   |   EVERYDAY ITEMS
      We all get thirsty from time to time. Sometimes for water, other times for pop, but certain times nothing hits the spot like some liquor. You might be at a sporting event, a wedding, or maybe just going for a leisurely walk (you never know), and a quick sip of your favorite bourbon might make the difference between enjoyment and just an "OK" time. But carrying a heavy metal flask that is only as good as a paperweight after you're done with what's inside is definitely not ideal, so to that end why not go with a disposable flask that can be tossed out for the cost of a bud light bottle at your local watering hole (consider it a worthwhile ... ( keep reading )