• In creating 9Label, our goal was to use the unique perspective from a group of 9 carefully chosen men (collectively known as "The 9") who not only could hold their liquor and even change a spare tire for a lady in distress, but who together could provide well-rounded and useful insights into the latest gadgets, everyday items, up-to-date styles, food and cooking, and, of course, women.

    With their own specific strengths, we have charged these men to share their combined wisdom with other men (and those women who tend to check their boyfriend's and husband's internet history) so they can discover some "cool new toys", as well as impress others (specifically women, obviously) with their sense of style and mad skills in the kitchen.

    So trust in The 9 and their decisions, cause we certainly do.
  • Our resident trend-setter, Pete seems to always be up on the latest and greatest, whether it be the new "it" place to vacation, the next "must-have" gadget to own, or even what the next big fashion trend is going to be (and which ones to avoid... like Crocs or skinny jeans). Sometimes we wonder if, in a past life, he worked as a fortune-teller at a local carnival, but nevertheless, he has been blessed with "the eye" for what is to come and we don't question the source. We just sit back and observe as he set style trends before they even hit the red carpet saying things like "brown's the new black" before black is even "in". We only wish his talent extended to things like the lottery and blackjack.

    Why he's here: Pete uses his lifetime of trend-setting to make sure all 9Label recommendations scream style and sophistication while still being timely

    Favorite Product/Post: The Blacker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice
  • A renaissance man of sorts (likes his Johnny Walker Blue as much as he likes his cans of Coors Light), this member of The 9 is the ying to Pete's yang. Living a rugged and adventurous lifestyle frequenting the outdoors in a variety of activities (and we're not talking about long walks on the beach or getting caught in the rain), Matt prioritizes surf and snow over most Merlots. But don't rush to judgment, Matt dresses right to play right. He uses his adventurous spirit to expose The 9 to new and different things that they might otherwise miss (sometimes gladly miss). It's all due to his mantra, "I'll try anything once," which has got him into trouble more than a few times - Hey Matt, remember Rosarito and the bucket? RESPECT!

    Why he's here: Matt's adventurous side means trying new things in life and thus, for 9Label, it translates to new and interesting recommendations and insights.

    Favorite Product/Post: You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine: The Solio
  • To be or not to be? Our resident writer, with his dominate right brain, uses his creativity to expand other's minds. Fluent in English and Pig Latin, he sometimes dazzles us with his grammatical corrections... or is that grammatic corrections? We've always felt that he corrects us to keep the rest of our egos in check , but if we can remember the difference between its and it's, and there and their, he tends to leave the other members of The 9 alone. But being a human encyclopedia, dictionary, and thesaurus (and just generally being brilliant) comes in handy, no matter what team you're a part of. It's good that the other members of The 9 never got into scrabble... we'd be in trouble.

    Why he's here: Scott's creativity and smarts translates into an uncanny ability to bring in new perspectives to 9Label

    Favorite Post: Liquid Courage Versus Stupid Sauce
  • People have always said that laughter is the best medicine... well then this man should be a doctor. This member of The 9 has a talent for entertaining, and is a regular joker among The 9. Mark's knack for humor has put him in the center of many a party, and somehow he always knows when to throw in a "your mom" joke and still make it tasteful. We think his humor puts some of the best known comedians to shame - he's healed all members of The 9 many times over. A background in the hospitality industry, he has an eye for what people want, and sometimes is even able to incorporate some of the more "interesting" customers into his jokes and skits - we will never forget the story about the couple that sat on each others laps during their entire dinner... how do you eat soup and spaghetti like that? Thanks for the laughs!

    Why he's here: Mark's humor translates to one important thing - making sure 9Label is not only being informative, but also entertaining.

    Favorite Product/Post: Picture This: The Samsung DualView Camera
  • Every group of guys has their Brett... He's the one that's always throwing out movie quotes. From lines like "They can take our lives but they can never take our freedom" to "Fat guy in a little coat," Brett is there to fill that void in The 9. With an uncanny ability to quote any movie at the drop of a hat, we sometimes lose him, wondering if he's speaking as himself or one of Dreamworks' latest 16th century English knights. It's his ability to remember that has earned him a solid place in The 9. Brett's other talent - to get the un-gettable. Need a limited edition DVD of Lake Placid, Brett is your man (yep, even for the bad movies). He's hooked up The 9 with a fair amount of goods, and he promises to do the same for 9Label. Also, every team needs someone that is not ashamed to dress like an Ewok for Halloween.

    Why he's here: Brett photographic memory in movies translates into his professional life; he's the human tape recorder during everything that is discussed among The 9

    Favorite Product/Post: 4 Is Better Than 3: Sharp Quattron LCD HDTV
  • After years of studying the Food Network, Jack has come a long way from his infamous ramen and raw tomato medley, and has honed his skills through the likes of Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, and Emeril. Although an Iron Chef competition is a ways off, Jack is a critical member of The 9, bringing culinary knowledge that's almost concerning. But it is within these skills that he's developed that we find his truly great talent - to see what's missing. Give him a Chocolate Molten Cake light on the 1/2 teaspoon of cream... one bite and he'll call it. This Thanksgiving he decided to surprise The 9 with a fresh baked Turducken (chicken stuffed in duck, stuffed in turkey)... Delicious! Due to his adventurous spirit in the kitchen, next Thanksgiving he promises a Purducken (stuffing the Turducken inside of a pig) - not sure about that one.

    Why he's here: Just as the ingredients to a recipe are crucial, Jack makes sure that nothing is missing in any of the recommendations or insights on 9Label

    Favorite Post: We Love Vodka (Sauce)
  • Tied to his Irish roots, and as a youth often challenging his fellow Irish lads to drinking games, young Shaun is now treated like Norm from Cheers at his local pub and uses his reputation to score free drinks for the rest of The 9 - Nice at the beginning of the night; not so nice the next morning. With a flare for making scenes and always accidentally falling into the center of attention (sometimes literally), Shaun's charisma has warmed up even the coldest hearts - No party is complete without him. But somewhere along the way, when no one was looking, he became a world class sommelier. With his extremely sensitive and sophisticated taste buds, and his expert knowledge of wine, Shaun is the one guy that knows how to make the best pairing decisions.

    Why he's here: Like a fine wine, Shaun will spot and be able to describe, in detail, the finer details that others may miss... a crucial talent when sharing his insights on 9Label

    Favorite Product/Post: Do You Have The Stones?
  • Will is our European man. It won't take long after meeting him for you to know his roots, but somehow, worldliness (and we guess being good looking) scores major points. Additionally, he has this uncanny ability to get you interested in whatever he's talking about - who knows why, but apparently an accent carries a lot of weight in this world. We chose him because he's seen it all: Corinthian pillars, the Baltic, even the Berlin Wall - before it fell, of course. From the Parthenon to soccer hooligans, nothing says style without some European flare (excluding leather pants), and he keeps The 9 updated with the happenings from across the pond - a vital source of information on style.

    Why he's here: Although it's tough to tell what certain European trends are trying to accomplish, Will makes sure 9Label looks at all the angles, injecting some international flare into all of our insights and perspective.

    Favorite Post: The Starbucks Strategy: Breaking The Ice
  • If laughter is the best medicine, then let the music heal your soul. After 12 years of Classical and Baroque study, Gabe finally realized that he only needed to learn one song to impress. Although Canon in D is great for a wedding, there's something about the words "It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday" that makes you feel all warm inside (maybe it's just us). Inviting him to join the 9 was a no brainer - not only do we have a semi rock star as part of the team, but if we ever need a jingle for anything on 9Label we have a go to guy. We thank Gabe for always introducing new songs to The 9, helping us keep our music library up to date... especially for our dates. Still, the piano brings him back to his happy place, and he's always pleased to bring Ivory and Ebony together in a way that would make Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder proud.

    Why he's here: It is said that all object give off their own unique song. We trust Gabe to listen and share what he hears with the rest of us.

    Favorite Product/Post: It's Here: The iPad